Nita Strauss Explains The Advantages Of Working With Demi Lovato

Guitarist Nita Strauss appeared on an episode of DannyWimmerPresents and talked about her experience with Demi Lovato and her ‘Holy Fvck Tour’ in 2022. Nita expressed her enthusiasm for being part of an all-female band, something she has enjoyed in her previous projects:

“I loved it, yeah. Her tour was incredible. She’s got a great team of people out there. Being in an all-female band is something that I love. I’ve had a lot of years playing in all-girl bands, maidens playing in my own projects, so being back on the road with a bunch of girls was so much fun.”

Strauss then joked about the tour bus’ conditions:

“Actually, our bus was all women, which was amazing. Twelve girls on a bus. It was all makeup, facial… So, you know, it was a whole six months of slumber party out there.”

The guitarist praised Demi Lovato, and having a sober backstage:

“It was great. Demi is amazing. She was so much fun on stage, so fun to work with. She’s such a seasoned performer. And a really healthy tour too, you know. Her being sober, and being in a sober backstage was great for me, a really healthy environment for me to be in.”

She also expressed her joy about returning and working with Alice Cooper:

“All in all, so fun, such a great experience. That being said, having so much fun back here with the guys.”

When Nita first announced she was going to join the tour, she faced unexpected backlash from fans online. Initially, she shared her feelings in a separate interview as follows:

“More mad than I expected. I’ve tried to clarify this over the last few days a little bit because I think that there was a lot to do over something that really wasn’t as final as the internet made it out to be. With Alice’s blessing, I took a step back from the fall tour to try something different. We hugged it out, and he said, ‘Go and shine your light and have a great time.’”

As time passed, she released her album ‘The Call of The Void.’ In a recent interview, she revealed the inspiration behind a guitar solo for one of the songs ‘Digital Bullets:’

“[Johnny] asked what made me angry, and I said, ‘All these motherf*ckers on the internet who tell everybody else how to live their lives but don’t have any real-world experience!’ Crafting this song and solo was a big ‘F*ck you’ to all the haters. I think it was Johnny who said, ‘Why don’t you have an ‘Eruption’ moment as a big middle finger to these people?’ So I came up with that!”

You can listen to the whole album below.