Nikki Sixx Spends The Day With A Fan Who Has Down Syndrome But Sees Himself As A Rockstar

Mötley Crüe’s bassist Nikki Sixx finally met Jackson town’s biggest rockstar, Tim Neil McLaurin. The two shared photographs and selfies, and Sixx claimed that McLaurin is the biggest rockstar in town while he comes second.

Tim McLaurin is an internet personality who decided to give people joy during the pandemic by dancing in Jackson town’s square. He hasn’t taken a break since the beginning of the pandemic and continues to dance. He also held up signs stating ‘Honk if my dance moves make your day, God Bless the USA.’

McLaurin self-claimed the title ‘Jackson’s Biggest Rockstar,’ and everyone calls him that. Nikki Sixx had stated how much he admires what the rockstar is doing for the community in an Instagram video last April around the anniversary of the pandemic. He had stated that he loves how Tim did not give on making his community happy. No matter what the circumstances are, he has been dancing in the square, even during bad weather.

In his post from April he stated:

“My friend Tim, who goes by the moniker Jackson’s Biggest Rockstar, has been dancing on the town square here in Jackson for a year now. Why does he go out and dance every day? He just wants to make people happy. Show him some love on his one-year anniversary.

Most recently, Sixx met the rockstar and shared photos with him in front of the square and driving around in a Porche. Sixx stated that Tim really is the biggest rockstar while he comes second. Tim McLaurin instantly made the photo of him and Sixx his profile photo and reposted the photos on his own account.

Here is what Sixx wrote in his caption:

“Just a couple rockers cruising around Jackson in a 992 Porche. Hell Yeah! Tim Neil McLaurin.

Tim = Jackson’s Biggest Rockstar.

Me = Jackson’s 2nd biggest rockstar.

And this is what McLaurin wrote in his caption:

“The two celebrities and rockstars; Jackson’s Biggest Rockstar and Nikki Sixx”

Sixx’s fans commented on the post stating how much they appreciate Sixx’s kindness. Butch Walker and John 5 also commented on how badass Tim is. His fans made sarcastic comments, saying that they recognise Jackson’s Biggest Rockstar, but they do not recognise the old man next to him.

You can see the duo’s photos below.