Nikki Sixx Says Tommy Lee And Vince Neil Used To Get In The Most Scraps Together

Metal Edge recently shared a conversation in which Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx is talking about his, ‘firsts.’ In the interview, he addressed his first fight with Mötley Crüe, but they went through so many disputes, especially Tommy Lee and Vince Neil, that he couldn’t remember their first one.

Mötley Crüe established a groundbreaking career by creating rock and roll music for their fans to let off some steam. Their notorious personal lives didn’t stay private for long, and they reflected their rock and roll lifestyle and fights on stage as well. This is what shaped Mötley Crüe’s identity in the eyes of their fans. Even though the members are currently living calmer lives, they still get asked about their earlier days whenever there is a chance.

Hence, Nikki Sixx was asked to talk about the first time the band got in a fight as a band. The bassist tried to remember the first time, but his memory was filled with so many arguments that he couldn’t go back to the very first one. He stated that when someone is on the street and insults them, they would automatically get in a fight.

According to Sixx, the two people who got into the most fights were Vince Neil and Tommy Lee. Because he is 62 years old now, he cannot fight like he used to. Hence, he is happy that these fights occurred when they did because they were fun. Also, at the time, being a troublemaker had fewer legal consequences than today, so Sixx feels lucky to have lived in that era.

Here are Sixx’s words:

“Oh, god. I mean, we used to drink a lot. Actually, Tommy and Vince used to get in the most scraps together. I was always kind of trying to stop it or talk sense into everybody. But you know, back when we lived up the street from the Whisky a Go Go, we used to go to the club on the punk night dressed like a cross between the New York Dolls and I don’t know what, maybe early Aerosmith, just come stumbling down the street and get the same thing as I got in school, ‘What’s up?…’ You know, whatever the insult would be.

And we used to enjoy getting in fights. It became kind of fun. I was thinking about it recently, and you know what’s a drag? First of all, I shouldn’t be fighting at 62. But I also thought you can’t do that anymore. You can’t get in a fight, can’t get in a scuffle. Can’t do anything like that. I guess that’s probably a good thing. But I feel pretty fortunate I got to be raised at a time where you could just be a little bit more of a troublemaker.”

Mötley Crüe’s temper was accurately depicted in the 2019 Netflix biopic ‘The Dirt.’ When Crüe was first formed and had small gigs, they would attack the audience if they heard anything discouraging. Hence, Tommy Lee has a famous quote where he stated that just because they are wearing lipstick, it doesn’t mean they can’t kick ass, and they proved it fully.