Nikki Sixx Exposes Mainstream Media’s Detrimental Impact On Bands Like Mötley Crüe

Bassist Nikki Sixx recently addressed the growing issue of ageism in today’s mainstream media in a post on X and implied that it could also impact Mötley Crüe’s continuing career in the contemporary rock scene.

The musician expressed his discomfort about the topic and asked the thoughts of his followers, writing:

“As a kid, I always thought my grandma Nona had the most beautiful face. Deep lines and bright eyes. I always looked forward to age as a kid. But the media seems to tear down age. You’re weak. You’re over. You are not cool or have anything to offer even with all the life experience. Thoughts?”

The comments under his post were mostly supportive of the bassist’s ideas on ageism. One user said, agreeing with Sixx’s point of view:

“With age comes wisdom and understanding. Two things the media lacks completely…”

Another one wrote, drawing attention to the prevalence of ageism since the 1950s:

“Youthfulness has been celebrated and lauded in our culture since the dawn of the 1950s. Unfortunately, it devalues the worth of age, wisdom, and experience – and the lines on the face that come with those things. In the past, those things were revered. Sad.”

Ageism is a commonly discussed topic in the rock music scene, as well. Back in 1998, Grace Slick made a controversial remark about the issue, leading her to receive accusations of ageism. She said:

“All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire. “

In 2007, the musician explained her earlier comment by saying that people could continue making jazz, classical, blues, opera, or country music well into old age. However, she believed that rock and rap were best suited for younger audiences due to the expression of intense emotions. So, she believes that these genres are best performed by younger artists who can convey these emotions.

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