Justin Hawkins Says Damiano David’s Voice Got Better

In a recent episode of the Justin Hawkins Rides Again, Justin Hawkins shared his thoughts on Maneskin‘s Damiano David‘s current voice, which has changed due to the hard singing he has been doing over the past couple of years.

It is almost impossible for singers to maintain the same tone of voice as when they started their careers since they develop new techniques, find their strengths, and often tire out their voices by singing hard. Most vocalists need to tune down their tracks because their voices get raspier. Sometimes the changes in the vocals can improve the singer’s performance as they can showcase a more emotionally charged version of the tracks.

For instance, in Damiano David’s case, the changes in his voice have made him sound better. Justin Hawkins recently shared that when a vocalist goes too hard on his vocals almost every night for a couple of years, the intensity and pressure they put on their vocal cords affect how they sound.

He added that the singers’ vocals get raspier, which isn’t the preferred outcome, or they develop these husky bits in their vocal ranges that allow for a more emotional vocal performance if the singers lean to that part of their voices. Hawkins mentioned that from what he has heard from Maneskin’s latest tracks, David’s voice has improved, and with the addition of the husky bits in his voice, he can tune into his emotional side a little more.

Justin Hawkins’ words about Damiano David’s current voice:

“When a vocalist gets busy, and they spend a couple of years just singing hard nearly every night, it can change your voice and round it off in one of two ways it either sort of starts to get raspy, and then you sound more like a roofer than a singer, or you can develop these kinds of husky bits within your range that you can lean on for you know the emotional impact in certain places, and it actually improves you. I think the second thing happened to Damiano. I think he’s gotten better.”

You can watch the video below.