Nikki Sixx Believes He’s Been Surrounded By ‘Backstabbers’

Two months after celebrating his long-term sobriety and health milestones on Facebook, Nikki Sixx took to the platform again to share another message about the 22nd anniversary of his recovery from addiction. In his recent post, he also mentioned his experiences and how he’d been surrounded ‘backstabbers’ during his journey. The bassist wrote:

“Since I got sober, I’ve had people try to stab me in the back, lie about me, steal from me, and kick me in the nuts. Do you know how I’ve been able to handle it? By staying sober. Sobriety gives you a chance to be strong yet also to do the next right thing.”

Before making this statement, Sixx described the loneliness he underwent in his struggle with addiction at the beginning of his message. He explained:

“Today, I turn 22 years clean and sober, or 264.00 months. It has been one hell of beautiful and sometimes difficult journey. People always say ‘Good for you!’ like some kinda pat on my head. I do understand what they are trying to say. Truth is – Nobody held my hand while I was kicking heroin; in fact, nobody even called to even check on me. Nor did anybody hold my hair while I was vomiting blood.”

He went on to recount how his life changed after receiving help by saying:

“I had to make the decision alone to change my life, but it wasn’t until I finally found the program that my life truly changed, and I learned the tools for a beautiful life even in the face of adversity. That’s where I found people who understood my addiction.”

The bassist stressed the importance of support during the recovery process as follows:

“Obviously, you have to want to do it for you, but untangling the messy past takes more than willpower. People don’t always understand addiction; they think we have some kinda moral affliction when the truth is we are simply allergic to drink and drugs.”

Then, also mentioning his personal experience, he explained how people could find it and wrote:

“You are not alone. Seek others out with some sober time under their belt who will understand where you’re at. Isn’t that what we need to be understood? Sure, we can blame it in our family (etc.). My mom and dad failed me, and I carried that pain ‘til I almost killed myself, but I also couldn’t see all the beauty around that I had growing up.”

Sixx gave more details about himself and said:

“My grandparents raised me and took care of me. I got to spend a lot of time in country. I’ll forever be in debt to their unconditional love. When you are ready, there will be a spiritual awakening waiting for you. Simply admit you are powerless over drugs and alcohol (etc.). – Otherwise, your ego will kill you.”

Encouraging people to get help, his next words followed:

“The beneficiaries are the people you love, plus the never-ending joy of feeling alive in this short life. Do it for you and pass it on to the people you love and those in need.”

While ending his post, the bassist explained:

“I don’t want a pat on the head or a ‘good job, Nikki.’ I would love to just pass this beautiful message on to those in need of a positive program (AA) and the message of love. For those still suffering, there is hope. I am a work in progress. I still have work to do, but I try to mitigate my life one day at a time. I love you. Love yourself back too. God bless.”

You can read Nikki Sixx’s full Facebook message here.