Nikki Sixx Addresses Vince Neil’s Voice Issues

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx recently joined an interview on Dean Delray’s YouTube channel and talked about his newly released book ‘The First 21.’ In the interview, Sixx shared his opinions on Vince Neil and he clarified his statements about resembling Vince’s voice to Robert Plant.

Vince Neil recently had several unfortunate events and accidents and seems to have a dark cloud upon his head these days. The singer, who recently broke his ribs by falling off the stage, has been receiving harsh comments from fans about having trouble singing live on stage. Although Neil was heavily criticized by fans and celebrities for his singing, he started to get better in time and showed that even at 60 years old, his vocals are still strong.

There have been several articles in the media recently suggesting that Nikki Sixx compared his bandmate Vince Neil’s voice to Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant’s. However, Nikki was simply emphasizing that Vince’s voice was as uniqe as Robert’s. The bassist seems to have been bothered with this and addressed this situation in a recent interview. Sixx once again stated that what he really wanted to point out was the fact that both Plant and Neil had a unique voice.

Sixx also mentioned the things that he loved about Vince Neil’s voice. Nikki stated that he loved the fact that Vince had a unique, odd, and weird voice which was a feature that Perry Farrell and Robert Plant also had. He added that he always feels grateful for the way Neil sings which contributed to creating the exceptional sound of Mötley Crüe.

Here is what he stated about Robert Plant and Vince Neil:

“It says, ‘Nikki Sixx compares Vince’s voice to Robert Plant’ and then has to bring up Vince had a bad show when he first came out of pandemic and a lot of stuff that people liked talking about, and I’m like, ‘You didn’t even hear a word I said.’ That’s the thing.

Vince’s voice, as unique as Robert Plant’s voice was. Although, more bluesy as into Zeppelin. Perry Farrell, the same thing, unique and odd and weird, and Vince Neil too. That’s what I do love about Vince’s voice. We couldn’t do blues-rock with this. It had to be the way that it is because of the way he sings, and I always feel grateful about that.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.