Jack Black Recalls Evanescence Singer Amy Lee’s Wish To Join Tenacious D

Can you think of goth nu-metal and comedic acoustic rock together? Probably many of you did not find the idea appealing. Yet, when you watch Amy Lee and Tenacious D perform together, you’ll probably think that this is precisely what you need. In an interview with SiriusXM, Jack Black revealed how that impressive collaboration with Amy Lee happened at the latest Louder Than Life festival.

“It happened,” Black said before giving more details about the performance. “She posted on her Instagram. She was like, ‘I’m playing Louder Than Life. Oh, my God, listen to this lineup. You got Nine Inch Nails, zoobity boobity from the twelfth planet of Mars, and me. We got to do a collab. Tenacious D is going to be there. Come on, Tenacious D. If you’re listening to my Insta, let’s do a collab.’”

The frontman continued, “Kyle knows her and reached out to her and said, let’s do this. And so she came over to our dressing room area before the show, and we did a little dressing room rehearsal because we didn’t have time for a sound check or anything. And she’s such a pro, and she was like, ‘Hey, I have a couple of ideas. I want to do a three-part harmony on court with the band.’ And we’re like, ‘Oh my God, okay.’”

They also got along pretty well with Amy Lee. Jack noted, “And we worked out a little comedy bit so she would come out because I was too emotional. I needed someone to help. So we called out Amy Lee to come and sing the next song. And then she said, ‘You know what would be funny is if, at the end of the bit, you chased me around like a psycho stalker, and I ran off stage to escape you.’”

Thus, the Louder Than Life festival held last September witnessed a very unexpected scene. Tenacious D was due to perform on September 22, but it came as a surprise to everyone when Amy Lee joined them. While Tenacious D was on stage,- the Evanescence singer joined them, and they performed two songs together: ‘Kyle Quit the Band’ and ‘Lee.’

Combining goth nu-metal and comedic rock with a musical genius, this performance was one of the most stunning shows at the festival. How much Amy Lee enjoyed performing with Tenacious D was evident in every second of the gig.