Miley Cyrus Says ’Nothing Else Matters’ Feels Like It Was Written For Her


During their interview with Interview Magazine, Miley Cyrus and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shared their ideas and thoughts about ‘The Black Album’ and Cyrus’ cover for the ‘Black List.’ Cyrus admitted that she feels like one of Metallica’s most famous songs was written for her.

As you may recall, Metallica announced that ‘The Black Album Remastered’ would be released on September 9, 2021, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic record. The band also revealed another project named ‘The Metallica Black List’ in which they would collaborate with artists from various musical genres, such as Rina Sawayama, Corey Taylor, and Miley Cyrus, and many more.

Over 50 musicians collaborated with the band on ‘The Metallica Black List.’ Their versions were appreciated by fans, even though some of them had doubts about pop and R&B singers’ covers. As a person who covered ‘Nothing Else Matters’ years before the project, Miley Cyrus performed the song with Elton John this time.

In her recent interview, Miley Cyrus expressed her feelings about her ‘Nothing Else Matters’ performance saying that she is grateful for that opportunity and feels like James Hetfield wrote the song for her. In addition, according to Cyrus, she entered another world where no one judged her while she was singing the song, and thanks to ‘The Black List,’ she got the chance to share this experience with her fans too.

Cyrus said in her interview that:

“This eclectic mosaic of a collaboration that we’ve brought to life is reflective of that. It’s like, ‘F’ck the divide.’ For you to listen to my cover of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with an open mind is an example of that—you don’t judge who I’ve been, what I’ve done, or how people see me.

Then, allowing me to cover ‘Nothing Else Matters’ on the record is like you guys validating my relationship with this song. It feels like it was written for me, and it was something that I was able to make my own. Now, my fans have that connection to it as well. That’s what happened when I covered ‘Jolene,’ too. That’s another perfect song.”

You can listen to the cover below.

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