Nikki Sixx Addresses The Singer Rumored To Replace Vince Neil

The rock scene buzzed with speculation back in 1992 when Mötley Crüe fired Vince Neil from the lineup due to his issues with alcohol. Some rumored that Ken Tamplin was considered as the former vocalist’s replacement, which Nikki Sixx recently revealed was not true.

Answering an X question about whether Tamplin was actually going to join Crüe in the ’90s, the bassist wrote:

“I don’t know singer who that is, so ‘No.'”

Mötley Crüe’s Music With Neil’s Real Replacement

Instead of the Christian rock performer, John Corabi stepped in for Vince Neil. With Corabi, Mötley Crüe released their 1994 self-titled album, but reports suggested the singer also played on some unreleased tracks from ‘Generation Swine.’

When the person who asked the previous question also wanted to find out whether these alleged recordings would ‘see the light of day,’ Sixx explained:

“And there are no songs recorded during that era. Everything we’ve recorded has been released unless unfinished demos from many eras.”

The Former Frontman’s Reunion With The Band

Despite the new energy Corabi brought to the band, the 1994 album didn’t meet commercial expectations. As a result, the late ’90s saw the band’s reunion with Neil, leading to the release of ‘Generation Swine’ in 1997.

Speaking to Classic Rock, the singer once reflected on his comeback:

“They admitted they couldn’t do it without me, and I wasn’t selling records the way Mötley Crüe had.”

Mötley Crüe is now getting ready to release a new album with Neil at the front. The untitled album is expected to come out in 2024.