Sean Ono Lennon Defends LSD: ‘It Is Arguably Healthy For Your Brain’

John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon has recently defended the use of LSD and MDMA. Lennon took to X to state his thoughts on the effects of LSD on the human brain.

When a user told Lennon that they had tried ‘enough’ to see LSD and drugs were no good, the singer responded with the following:

“Therapists are constantly prescribing anti depressants and anti psychotics that include side effects like ‘suicidal ideation.’ MDMA and LSD and Ketamine have had life changing positive effects in a therapy setting without those dangerous side effects. LSD is arguably healthy for your brain. It promotes neural plasticity and the flow of cerebral fluid.”

The Beatles’ Experience With Drugs

All of The Beatles experimented with drugs, but it was a surprise to John Lennon’s bandmates when he started using heroin. Lennon revealed that he turned to the drug to cope with the intense emotional struggles he had been facing for some time. He attributed much of his pain to The Beatles, feeling that he was being wronged by his bandmates and everyone associated with the band. Lennon pointed to mistreatment from The Beatles as a significant factor that led him to heroin use. His resentment grew when he began a relationship with Yoko Ono, as he believed that the rest of The Beatles were not giving her the respect she deserved, from which we can presume that it did not affect Lennon well.

Yoko Ono Stopped Using After Lennon’s Passing

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were users of LSD and drugs. After the passing of John Lennon, Ono stopped using drugs. The first day after Lennon passed, in her words, doctors told her they could give her morphine every day if she wanted to. She did not accept the offer since she had to have a ‘clear mind’ while answering the police and business situations.

You can see the tweet below.