Nick Rhodes Recalls Duran Duran Paving The Way For Downloading Music

Music has evolved through time with new sounds and movements born with technology, but the developments have also influenced music’s context and distribution. Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes discussed how the band fronted digital music distribution while chatting with the Guardian.

We access music using various digital platforms in a matter of minutes, but it wasn’t always this easy to listen to our favorite tracks. Rhodes was asked if there would be any changes in musical distribution in the next ten years. Nick answered the question by discussing how he had pioneered the digital distribution of music and disclosed why some people could be deaf to technology.

“Well, I did push the button on the world’s first download for sale, which was in 1997, a song called ‘Electric Barbarella,’” stated the rocker as he emphasized how people could be willing to overlook technology’s power. “It took until 2003 for iTunes to launch downloads, so the disappointing thing is that in that six-year period, none of the record labels figured out that selling music online was a good idea.”

He continued, “I am constantly amazed at how deaf a lot of people in the music industry are to changes in technology. Having said that, streaming is here to stay, but I hope real content still exists – certainly given the reaction to the vinyl that we have been putting out.”

It cannot be denied that technology has helped music branch out to new platforms and made it easy for anyone to access their favorites. Rhodes understood the importance of digital platforms more than two decades ago and recently emphasized the vitality of integrating technological advancements into the music industry once again.