Cat Stevens Discusses Feeling George Harrison’s Spirit On Recent Effort

As the time for the release date of his new album approaches, Yusuf/Cat Stevens spoke about the details of its background and content in an interview with NME. The singer stated that he felt George Harrison‘s spirit during the recording process in the studio.

Stevens’ upcoming album, called ‘King of a Land,’ was recorded via Dark Horse Records, founded by George Harrison. Its final mixdown was done at the Beatles‘ studio, located in the late musician’s home, Friar Park. Preceding the album record, the ‘Father and Son’ singer released a ‘Here Comes the Sun’ cover with the same company, which he promoted in a previous interview where he revealed his thoughts on Harrison’s spiritual level and legacy. In the recent interview, he reinforced his feelings about the topic by expressing how perceivable his spirit was during the production of his recent work.

Stevens stated that he could sense the late musician’s spirit in many places, including his home, as it was protected well by his son, Dhani Harrison. He mentioned how Friar Park looked and functioned like it was brand new and conveyed his joy in working on those grounds.

The musician’s words on the matter were as follows:

“Oh, George’s spirit was there, of course. George left his spirit in so many places, including obviously his music. His son Dhani is the carrier of George’s legacy, and he protects it beautifully. Friar Park is like it’s brand new, as everything in the studio works so fantastically. It was a joy and a privilege to work there. Walking around the grounds, there’s fields and lakes, amazing rock arrangements. It’s just beautiful.”

Yusuf/Cat Stevens’ new album is scheduled to be released this June, and apparently, working on it with George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records impacted the singer, as he could sense his presence at every step. It seems we will have an album reflecting Harrison’s energy and legacy along with Stevens’.