Nick Mason Recalls The First Time He Met Roger Waters When He Asked To Lend His Car

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason talked about the first time he met with Roger Waters during a recent appearance on Brian Johnson’s Life on the Road.

In the conversation, Nick stated that he met with Roger Waters and Rick Wright in the ‘60s at The Regent Street Polytechnic and revealed the interesting chat they had together.

Furthermore, Nick mentioned that Roger asked him if he could lend his car, Nick refused it. Afterward, Roger also wanted to get a cigarette from Rick, and he got rejected once again.

While Nick was saying that this was an important moment because they could have never met if it didn’t happen, he also revealed that the rejection of Roger continued for around fifty years.

Here is what Nick Mason said:

“The Regent Street Polytechnic, that’s where I met Roger and Rick. We were all training to be architects.

We sort of met because Roger knew that I had a car. I’m not sure that he knew what the car was because actually, it was an Austin 7 Chummy with a top speed of like 20 miles an hour [32 kmh], and no brakes.

But when he asked whether I might lend it to him, I’ve said no. But he also tried to get a cigarette off Rick, and famously, Rick went, ‘No,’ which sort of set the pattern really for the next 50 years.

Listen, it was an important moment because if it hasn’t been for that, we might not be sitting here now.”

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