Nick Cave Admits Doubting Himself, ‘Sometimes You Think About Giving Up’

While discussing the future of his career during a recent conversation with Dazed, Nick Cave admitted that there were times he questioned whether he should continue.

The singer explained his doubts:

“Sometimes you think about giving this stuff up. I’ve been doing it for a really long time. The world doesn’t need another Nick Cave record. It doesn’t need another Nick Cave film. And it probably doesn’t need another Nick Cave Red Hand file.”

However, he thinks that creating something meaningful encourages him to go on:

“But what I fall back on is that I think doing something of value has some knock-on effect. It has some meaning. [And that’s why] I keep doing it.”

Despite his occasional concerns, Cave is willing to continue his music career. He even shared on his website, the Red Hand Files, at the beginning of this year that he started to work on a new album. Still, the process had been going challenging, as the musician lacked muses. He wrote:

“Dear Fred, my plan for this year is to make a new record with the Bad Seeds. This is both good news and bad news. Good news, because who doesn’t want a new Bad Seeds record? Bad news because I’ve got to write the bloody thing. I started the process at 9 am on January 1.

It is now January 6 – nearly a week has passed, and I’ve written a few things, but they aren’t very good, or maybe they are; it’s difficult to tell. A kind of doldrums has set in, perennial and predictable. It’s the same with every record; I feel that familiar feeling of lack, like I’m a big, dumb blank thing in a suit.”

Nearly two months after this statement, the singer updated the fans in an interview with the New Yorker, saying the record was on the way. There is still no announcement about the release date of the upcoming album. Cave has some doubts about his career from time to time, but fans can rest assured that he will continue to produce.