Nic Collins Credits Genesis For Boosting His Music Career

Nic Collins told in a new chat with Almost Famous Magazine that playing with Genesis helped his career as a musician.

The drummer reflected on performing with his father, Phil Collins’ band on their The Last Domino? Tour:

“Eventually with Genesis, like his last ever shows, to be a part of that with for him and to be a part of that with Genesis, which not only am I a fan… I was in the band but I’m a fan of the band. So I was honored that they asked me to play drums on that last tour but above all else, I just love the music and so to not only be a part of their last kind of lap around the field but also to be able to be a part of and see the relationship that my dad has with Mike [Rutherford] and Tony [Banks]…”

Genesis Gave Him New Opportunities

Nic also talked about his Genesis gig’s impact on his music career:

“That’s a friendship that dates like 50-plus years. What I mean like it’s so special to be able to see that and to have been a part of it is something I’ll definitely never forget and it’s had a huge impact not only for my career and it’s helped me and has opened a lot of doors which I always will be grateful for. It’s also just like been huge for me as a person to be able to live through that and the learning experiences that I’ve gotten from it have been unlike anything else.”

What Was The End Of The Band Like For Genesis Members?

Genesis ended their career with a final show in London on March 26. Nic spoke with Rolling Stone after the concert and shared how he and the other members felt about it:

“It was weird. I thought I’d be a bit more emotional and sad, but I was happy. It was a great show. It was a great way to end it. Afterward, we got changed and had dinner, and everyone was there. Peter Gabriel came to the last show. He came back. It was just a great vibe. Everybody was hanging out. We were lucky that it was the end of the tour, so the COVID thing didn’t have to be such a precaution for us. We were finally able to have people backstage and hang out. The entire tour, we weren’t able to do anything like that. At the last show, it was great to see everyone together and hear people sharing memories.”

Last year, the drummer shared a post on Instagram and revisited his shows with Genesis. He said he was happy with his performance but still felt like he could have done things differently in some songs. He wanted to ensure that the tracks sounded great and the band felt comfortable playing them.

You can watch Nic’s entire chat below.