Neil Young Recalls His Final Conversation With Gordon Lightfoot

Neil Young recently shared his thoughts on his website about his final conversation with Canadian folk musician Gordon Lightfoot, who passed away on May 1st. The late musician’s health was a concern for several years before he passed away from natural causes at 84.

Both Young and Lightfoot were prominent figures in the music industry, with mutual respect for each other’s work. Young’s admiration for Lightfoot was evident in his 2014 covers album, ‘A Letter Home,’ which featured two of Lightfoot’s songs, ‘Early Morning Rain’ and ‘If You Could Read My Mind.’

In his statement on his website, Young shared his last conversation with Lightfoot, which took place just a few weeks before the musician’s passing. At the time, Lightfoot had canceled some shows and was reorganizing his touring schedule. Despite this, Young mentioned that Lightfoot sounded happy during their conversation. Young described Lightfoot as a great Canadian artist and songwriter and emphasized his music’s unique and wonderful feeling.

Neil Young’s words about his last conversation with Gordon Lightfoot read:

“I just spoke to Gordon a few weeks back, and he sounded happy, although he had canceled some shows and was re-organizing his touring. I was saddened when I learned today of his passing. Gordon was a great Canadian artist. A songwriter without parallel, his melodies and words were an inspiration to all writers who listened to his music, as they will continue to be through the ages. There is a unique and wonderful feeling to Gordon’s music. Lightfoot is a Canadian legend.

His song just came up today by itself on the Hearse Schedule.
PEACE Gordon.
love Neil”

Young’s tribute to Lightfoot showcased the bond they shared as friends and highlighted the impact of Lightfoot’s music on other artists. As Young stated, Lightfoot’s melodies and words will continue to inspire writers and musicians for generations to come. Through his message, Young wished peace and love for his departed friend.