Neil Young On Having Concerns About Leaving Spotify

In January, Neil Young said he didn’t want to be on Spotify with podcaster Joe Rogan, whom the singer criticized for spreading vaccine misinformation. Following his statement, Spotify agreed to remove Young’s music from the platform, which cost him to lose most of his streaming income. Yet, the musician still stands behind his decision to leave Spotify, as he revealed during a recent conversation with Howard Stern.

“I just called up my management and said, ‘We’re out of there. Get me off,’” Neil Young said, sharing that he took this decision after hearing about Rogan’s COVID conspiracy theories and his inclusion of anti-vaccine figures on his show. The singer noted, “And we’ll be fine, and it was a little shocking because they know all the numbers. Who cares? You know, who cares? What’s his name? [Spotify CEO] Daniel Ek? He cares about money.”

Then, the musician said he believed he would be fine thanks to his revenues from other streaming platforms. Young stated, “I knew I was going to do fine. There’s Amazon; there’s Apple; there’s QoBuz; those are three streaming services that play hi-res.”

Young continued, “I think in the digital age, we should be able to listen to great stuff, the best that we can get out of digital…Because you’re living off the music, why not pay it some respect and make it sound as great as it does.” The singer is disappointed by Spotify’s low audio quality, so he believes his music will be in better hands on other streaming platforms.

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer was asked how much money his decision to leave Spotify cost him. Young replied by saying that he certainly didn’t know and also didn’t care. Considering his statements, it is clear that Neil doesn’t regret pulling his tunes from the platform, and it doesn’t look like he will give up on this decision anytime soon.