Lzzy Hale Pays Respect To Pantera By Covering Their Song, ‘Mouth For War,’ As A Part Of A Charity Project

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale made a new announcement on her official Instagram account and revealed that she will be covering the Pantera’s Mouth Of War song for a charity event.

Mouth Of War is released in 1992 as a single from their sixth studio album, Vulgar Display Of Power,’ and it was one of the best songs in the album. Also, the song is used in the music video games Rock Revolution and Rock Band 3.

Lzzy announced that she will be collaborating with other musicians to cover this iconic song and said that all the donations are going to be forwarded to the Dallas Hope Charities, which is proving support to the LGBTQ+ communities.

While Lzzy was showing her support to the people who needed it once again as she did in the Black Lives Matters protest, she also managed to earn the respect of the community with this behavior yet again.

Here is what Lzzy Hale wrote:

“The premiere of this cover of Pantera’s “Mouth for War” premieres TODAY Tuesday at 9:30 am est www.twominutestolatenight.com! Featuring me Code Orange, Baroness, Year Of The Night, and Converge, all of the artists involved with this cover will be donating their Patreon fees to Dallas Hope Charities Transitional Living Center.”

You can listen to the song below and check out the post by clicking here.