Neil Young Keeps Promise To Perform Only Under Certain Conditions

Neil Young had previously made it clear that he’d only perform under certain conditions, and he’d been off the stages for nearly four years. However, it seems that those conditions were met to his expectations as the rocker recently performed at the United for Old Growth march in Canada, as reported by Rolling Stone.

It’s no secret that Neil is an avid advocate of nature and sustainability, so it wasn’t a surprise when the rocker announced that he would no longer appear or perform at any event that didn’t meet the requirements for a sustainable show. He also had to cancel his appearances at Farm Aid due to COVID, so it marked nearly four years since we’ve seen Young on stage.

However, it seemed the Old Growth march met his expectations for a sustainable show, as the singer took his guitar and sang some of the most memorable tracks for a brief performance. The rally took place to advocate for Canada’s old-growth trees and promote ‘forest stewardship.’

Young also made a small speech, noting that he was only there for the trees, emphasizing their importance. For Neil, these trees were sacred reminders of the past and guided humankind into the future. He finished his words by stating that the government should take the necessary actions to preserve these trees and their legacies.

Neil on performing at the march and sustaining the old-growth trees of Canada:

“I’m only here for those trees up there. It’s a precious, sacred thing, these old trees. They show us the power of nature when we are being threatened. They show us the past. They show us our future.

That’s something that I hope our Canadian government and business section will recognize. This has to do with Canada. It has to do with the ages if we’re lucky enough to have ages. These trees have lasted so long. They deserve Canada’s respect.”

The rocker kept his promise to perform for a sustainable show that had matched his expectations, so when the march to preserve the old-growth trees of his beloved country took place, Young readily took his place at the front of it and performed for the first in years.