Neil Carter Explains Why He Had To Help Gary Moore With His Vocal Duties


UFO guitarist Neil Carter recently spoke to Rock Interview Series for an interview and revealed why he helped Gary Moore by doing half of the vocal duties.

Neil Carter played guitar and keyboard for UFO, but he also lent his musical talents to the blues-rock guitarist Gary Moore. He co-wrote several of his songs throughout his career with Moore, including the global hit ‘Empty Rooms.’ Although he retired from the music scene at 30, Carter returned to rock with Gary Moore in 2010.

Carter first joined Gary Moore after releasing his 1983 album ‘Victims Of The Future.’ This album marked a musical change for Moore, and he shifted toward hard rock and heavy metal music. After joining Moore, Carter pushed him in this musical direction and played with him for numerous tours across Europe until Moore’s death on February 6, 2011.

In a new episode of the Rock Interview Series, Neil Carter revealed details about working with Gary Moore. He stated that Moore focused on guitars, and he was harsh with drummers and bassists for that reason. Moreover, Carter revealed he helped Moore with half of the vocals so that he could play guitar more.

According to Carter, Moore needed his support to concentrate on his guitar playing more. Besides, their voices harmonized together in this way. Carter then said that UFO’s career was on a downhill at that time, but Gary Moore was rising to prominence gradually.

Stating that Gary Moore was all about the guitar, Neil Carter said the following:

“Therefore, I ended up doing half the vocals because he could then play a bit more and concentrate on his guitar playing. And our voices went very well together. So, Gary’s career, whereas UFO’s, unfortunately, had been on the downside. Although it was fledgling to a degree, Gary’s career was on the uphill path.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.