Myles Kennedy Explains Why He Had To Hide Tears During Led Zeppelin Audition

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy recently joined an interview with Linea Rock and talked about the time he had to hide his emotions during his intense audition session with Led Zeppelin.

As many of you may recall, Myles Kennedy was rumored to be a member of Led Zeppelin for their one-off reunion in 2007 for the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert at O2 in London. As the rumors went on, Kennedy mostly remained silent until he confirmed that he is not joining Led Zeppelin as their new lead singer.

During a recent interview, Myles Kennedy looked back to the time he first joined a jamming session with Led Zeppelin. He stated that the members of the band were all thinking that there would be no Led Zeppelin if there is no Robert Plant, the band’s iconic vocalist. Alter Bridge frontman also said that even though it was just for one show, it was still like a lottery win. 

When asked if he still remembers what they played together, Myles revealed that it was’ No Quarter,‘ a song that was so special for him. Apparently, they also played ‘The Rain Song,’ which he would never forget because he got teary while singing the song and had to turn around so that he could hide his tears from the Led Zeppelin members.

Here is what he said when asked about the songs:

“Yeah, we played, like as far as the songs from their catalog, I think the two moments that stand out the most was playing ‘No Quarter,’ that’s one of my favorites. And later on, when I came back later that year, we did ‘The Rain Song,’ and that was like, that was something I’ll never forget. It was goosebumps and a got a little teary, I kind of had to turn around like, ‘Don’t let the guys see that I’m getting emotional.’ But it was pretty heavy.”

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