Myles Kennedy Details His ‘Intense’ Experience With Jimmy Page

Myles Kennedy is probably one of the luckiest musicians, as he got the chance to jam with his guitar hero, Jimmy Page. In fact, we could’ve even seen him as Led Zeppelin’s singer as he auditioned to replace Robert Plant for the band’s reunion. In a recent interview with Metal Edge, Myles Kennedy remembered spending time in the studio with Page.

“It wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be, so that was a good thing as a singer,” Myles Kennedy said when asked how loud Jimmy Page plays his guitar. “It was very appropriate but still moving enough air to where I was getting goosebumps, you know? It was intense. And a beautiful experience that I will never forget.”

So, Myles Kennedy argued that Jimmy Page wasn’t playing his guitar as loud as he expected, but it was good for him because he needed this as a singer. Moreover, Kennedy said he got goosebumps when listening to Page shred his riffs and admitted it was an intense but beautiful experience to play with him.

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock And Roll’ helped Myles Kennedy to embark on a music career as a vocalist. So, there’s no doubt he felt thrilled about the opportunity to play with Led Zeppelin as their lead singer. Although things didn’t work out after his audition, Kennedy at least shared the studio with his musical heroes, with tears in his eyes.