Morrissey Shares The Actual Reason Miley Cyrus Backed Off From Collab

Previously, Morrissey had announced that he had parted ways with his label record, Capital Records, and how Miley Cyrus wished to be removed from their collab, ‘I Am Veronica,’ through his website, Morrissey Central. Now, the rocker shared another lengthy note to address why Cyrus decided to leave while also discussing the pair’s relationship.

“In truth, Miley has backed off for reasons unconnected to me, having had a major clash with a key figure in ‘the circle,’” began Morrissey as he claimed that Cyrus had a conflict with another important figure, who we might only guess to be a record executive. “I cannot give details about the private fight because… it is private, after all.”

The singer continued by pointing out that Miley knew about the controversies surrounding his image and still chose to collab with him. He noted, “Miley knew everything about me when she arrived to sing ‘I Am Veronica’ almost two years ago; she walked into the studio already singing the song. She volunteered. I did not ask her. I did not ask her to get involved.”

Morrissey also added, “Her professionalism was astounding, her vocals a joy to behold. Every minute that I spent with Miley was loving and funny. She told me that Morrissey songs are on 24-hour rotation in her house, and she had frequently been photographed in Morrissey t-shirts. Miley came into my world; I did not venture towards hers. I was eternally thankful, and even now, I remain so.”

So, it’s evident that there’s no bad blood between Morrissey and Miley, as some’ve speculated. Cyrus wished to be removed because she had a dispute with a key figure, possibly a record executive. So, we might only guess that Morrissey separating ways with Capital Records and Cyrus’ wish to be taken off the record are probably linked.