Mitch Malloy Reveals The Fiasco He And Van Halen ‘Kept Quiet’ For Years

Last month, while discussing his new album ‘The Last Song’ in an interview with The Real Music Observer, Mitch Malloy reflected on the time he turned down Van Halen‘s offer to become their lead vocalist in the ’90s. The former Great White frontman revisited the topic once more during a recent interview with The Rock Is George Podcast.

When the question of whether he received feedback from the members on his story, the singer answered:

“No, no! They’ve been really cool. I mean, you know, there’s no pushback from them, and I would honor whatever they asked. You know what I mean? It’s like, initially, I’d said to them, ‘Let’s keep this quiet.’ They were like, ‘Oh, absolutely.’ So, we were on the same page with that. I think we’ve been on the same page ever since.”

Malloy believes he hasn’t said anything to upset Van Halen, sharing that:

“I have obviously full respect for them. I know for a fact Wolfie [Van Halen] has been kind about me when asked, as I’ve been told anyway. So, I think everything is cool with them. Just try not to step over the line with that and really honor them because they’re Van Halen. They’re like mighty, you know. And my story with them is just this tiny little footnote.”

According to the musician, David Lee Roth’s presence affected his decision to reject the band’s offer. As he told Rolling Stone in 2021, seeing Van Halen members on MTV Video Music Awards with their former vocalist made him give up on the idea, which he let them know through a letter.

Recalling the memory, the singer said:

“[Eddie Van Halen] never did tell me though that they were gonna present with David Lee Roth. I was back in Nashville and turned on the TV to watch. They came out, and Dave came out too. I was like, ‘What? My jaw just dropped. I was like, ‘Why are they with Dave?'”

He talked more about what pushed him away and continued:

“This’s not good for me. The whole world thought that Dave was back in the band and wanted Dave in the band. I wanted Dave back in the band. I mean, I grew up on Van Halen with Dave in it. Those first albums were amazing. It did it what they are today. When I saw Dave come out with them, that was it for me. That was over. “

Despite never officially joining Van Halen, Malloy had the chance to record some demos with the band. He also released a demo Eddie Van Halen gave him with the name ‘It’s The Right Time’ in 2015.