Eric Clapton’s Daughter Ruth Says She Recorded Her Very First Songs, ‘Can’t Wait To Share

Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton gave the exciting news about her musical projects by posting her photos in the studio on her Instagram account. Ruth revealed that she finished writing and recording her first songs with help of songwriter and producer Dan Gautreau.

Ruth Clapton previously revealed that she started to take guitar lessons to be able to compose and write her own materials. She reflected her willingness to pursue a professional musical career like her father even though she emphasized that she was very amateur and only sang songs to her family and friends.

Later, she decided to open a new Instagram account entitled Ruth Clapton Music to share her musical works after she had taken the opinions of her followers. In her brand new account, Ruth shared her cover performances of some iconic songs such as Eva Cassidy’s ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore,’ John Lennon’s ‘Beautiful Boy,’ and John Mayer’s ‘New Light.’ Ruth Clapton’s cover performances received very positive reviews from her followers.

Recently on her new Instagram account Ruth Clapton Music, Clapton revealed that she was in the studio to record and write her own songs along with the songwriter and producer Dan Gautreau. In the caption of her post, she expressed her happiness and excitement about completing the creating and recording process of her first two songs. She also reflected her gratitude for Gautreau’s greatest contributions to her music and stated that she can’t wait to release her first works.

Clapton stated in the caption of her Instagram post that:

“What a treat of a weekend, writing and recording two songs in 2 days with an incredible writer/producer. Such a privilege to be doing this, I feel so lucky and grateful right now. Feels right to acknowledge this moment that I find myself in. Dan thank you so much for having me up to your studio and here’s to many more sick writing sessions! Can’t wait to share what we’ve created with the world…”

You can check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram