Mikkey Dee Says Scorpions Use An Uncommon Way To Record ‘Rock Believer’ Album


Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee talked about their upcoming album’s creation process in their short documentary’s second part which was released on the band’s official Youtube channel. Dee stated that they decided to use a different way of recording their new album despite the challenges.

A short time ago, Scorpions decided to give almost six years of a break after they released their eighteenth studio album entitled ‘Return to Forever’ on February 20, 2015. The band’s fans waited for so long to hear new materials from them until Scorpions announced that they started to work on their new record named ‘Rock Believer.’ They promoted the upcoming album by sharing its first single, ‘Peacemaker,’ on November 4, 2021.

‘Rock Believer’ will be released on February 22, 2022, in Europe and February 26, in the USA also it will be their new drummer Mikkey Dee’s first album after he was hired to replace James Kotak following his departure from Scorpions in 2016. A few months before its release, the band began working on a new three-part short documentary that reflects their recording sessions and the band members’ thoughts about the new record.

After the first part, Scorpions shared the second video which showed how they recorded their tracks on ‘Rock Believer’ in a very uncommon way. The band performed the songs as if they were playing in a live concert even though they could record them separately during the studio session. Dee admitted that they wanted to use this way to create a ‘live feeling’ but he knew that the other musicians don’t prefer it to save more time.

Dee talked about the album saying:

“It’s a great feeling on this album. There you have that live feeling. It’s not very often that people record this way because it takes so long and it’s very complicated actually, really prefer playing it this way.”

You can watch the video below.