Elton John On His Friendship With Dua Lipa

Even after over a year since its release, their collab has remained a smash hit! Elton John and Dua Lipa’s collaboration on their track ‘Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)’ was initially released in the summer of 2021. To everyone’s surprise, its shelf life has lasted more than anybody could imagine with the current paste of the industry. Elton John took to his official Instagram account to not only praise Dua Lipa for being who she is but also thank Variety for having them as the Hitmakers of the Year.

“I am incredibly lucky to have Dua in my life,” shared John while speaking about the friendship he has fostered with Lipa over the years despite their significant age difference. “Her friendship and talent have brought so much to me.”

He continued to express his gratitude for the amount of love their collaboration has received from fans, “I couldn’t be prouder that, over a year later, ‘Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)’ is still being enjoyed by so many people. Thank you, Variety, for celebrating this moment by making us Hitmakers of the Year.”

The track is both old and new in the way it blends four of John’s songs, more prominently his 1972 hit smash ‘Rocket Man’ and 1989’s ‘Sacrifice.’ The song skyrocketed to number 1 on multiple charts across the globe, gaining the duo Variety’s 2022 Hitmakers of the Year honor.

The two superstars have broken records with their multigenerational track and gained each other in the process. Does this mean we might have future collaborations with our favorite pair since this track was a home run? We don’t mean to raise your hopes; our’s is just a theory!

Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota – Instagram
Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota – Instagram