Mikkey Dee On Losing Lemmy Kilmister, ‘I Think About You A Lot’

Though Mikkey Dee had been in a number of bands throughout his career, most fans recognize him from his tenure with Motörhead. The drummer didn’t only gain recognition with the band; he also got the opportunity to play with Lemmy Kilmister. In a recent IG post, Dee remembered his friend’s death anniversary and paid tribute to the late musician.

“It’s now been seven years since Lemmy moved on. Time goes by so fast,” said the drummer. Kilmister passed away on December 28, 2015, due to many illnesses, including prostate cancer. Following this tragic loss, Motörhead announced the news to their fans via their social media accounts. After the passing of such an inseparable member of the band, the remaining ones decided to part ways.

Mikkey Dee then mentioned his time with Scorpions by writing, “I have been touring the world with the mighty Scorpions since Lemmy’s passing, and it’s been great, but my Motörhead days are forever welded into my backbone. It’s a huge part of who I am, and the Motörhead family is as steady as a rock forever.”

“Lemmy, I miss you and think about you a lot,” noted Dee and continued, “but I am quite certain you are rocking the house and raising hell wherever you are.” The rocker ended with words by quoting Kilmister, “‘Don’t sit and cry in your f*cking beer. Drink it!’ by Lemmy Kilmister. Cheers to Lemmy!”

The story of Mikkey Dee’s time with Motörhead started while he was a member of King Diamond, and the band was touring with Motörhead. Lemmy Kilmister was impressed by Dee’s drumming and repeatedly asked him to join his band. Eventually, the drummer accepted Kilmister’s offer in 1992, replacing Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor.

Photo Credit: Mikkey Dee – Instagram