Mike Shinoda Responds To Concerns About His Investments In NFTs


Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda recently shared a series of tweets to respond to the criticisms made by the gamers about the NFTs not being eco-friendly. Shinoda tried to explain that there are also eco-friendly NFTs by giving various references.

It is known that Linkin Park singer is very interested in the Non-Fungible Tokens, which provides artists a new platform to connect with the fans. They refer to the things like artwork, music, videos, and collectibles that are owned by just one owner and secured by the blockchain. NFTs keep getting popular among artists and musicians and give them new opportunities to sell their works.

Mike Shinoda also released a six-minute 45-second long mixtape named the ‘Ziggurats’ in the NFT format on the Tezos blockchain a few weeks ago. It was released as 5,000 unique NFTs and it doesn’t include just music but also the artwork designed by the musician himself.

Shinoda previously explained that why he chose NFTs to release his work and also why he chose Tezos blockchain for it. He said that he wanted to open the way for people to get into the world of NFTs and also he chose Tezos because it is a green blockchain. Thus, he wanted to use the greenest option to protect the environment.

In his tweets, Mike Shinoda again touched upon this environmental issue and responded to the gamers’ concerns about the NFTs. He said that he understands the fact that people are still trying to learn how an NFT works and explained that NFTs can be a low carbon footprint by giving some references. Shinoda highlighted that NFTs will also be a big opportunity for the games in the upcoming days and gamers will highly benefit from it.

Here is how Shinoda responded to the criticisms concerning NFTs not being eco-friendly:

“Real Saturday convo. I’m surprised by so much negative sentiment by gamers about NFTs. Can we chat? Of all the applications, gaming is a place that players can benefit a lot from the blockchain. Do they not know yet that there are eco-friendly NFTs? Let’s talk, keep it civil! Great convo here.

What I think I learned: People are still learning that an NFT can be more than a .jpg, it could be a skin, a song, an item, a movie, a character, an environment, or a game itself. They’re still learning that it can be a low carbon footprint. Gamers don’t trust the devs. They see ‘NFT’ and think ‘this is another way to squeeze a dollar out of us.’

The games that win will be the ones who give to the community, not take. Crypto miners have bought up a lot of hardware resources and driven up prices, which left a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. – Game quality in the blockchain isn’t there yet. More than anything, people want it to be fun. Thanks for the chat!”

You can check out the tweets below.