Mike Shinoda Releases Such A Track That Fans Need To Pay $70 To Listen To It

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has recently shared a post on his Instagram account announcing that he released a track called ‘Cognition,’ which he produced during one of his Twitch sessions as fans asked him to make a track to help to study, relax and sleep. This track is available on a platform named Calm, which is an app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation, and fans will need to pay $69.99 to listen to the track.

As you may know, Mike Shinoda has been producing and improvising tracks while streaming live on his Twitch. With this project called #ShinodaProduceMe, he has aimed to produce music live on Twitch with the help of his fans.

Shinoda had announced on his Instagram account that he wanted to get into an interaction with his community by doing that and wanted to help songwriters, rappers and vocalists produce a new track live on his Twitch channel. Even lately, he has been producing a song called ‘Clarity’ for a Lebanese musician Hadi and worked on his song live on Twitch.

During one of these sessions, fans asked him to make a track for them to help them study, relax and sleep. He then made a track named ‘Cognition’, which indeed sounds heavenly and peaceful to the ears. He released the song on Calm, a popular app for meditation, relaxation, and sleep. The subscription plans for the app, however, come with a $69.9 payment, so fans will need to pay a price to listen to the full track.

Shinoda announced this in a post on his official Instagram account, adding that a portion of the proceeds will benefit his scholarship at Art Center.

The post read:

“Fans wanted a sleep/study/meditate track. I ended up calling it ‘cognition,’ and it’s now available on the Calm platform. A portion of the proceeds benefits my scholarship at ArtCenter. “

You can watch the video that Shinoda shared below.

Click here to see the subscription plans for the app.