Slash’s Favorite Guns N’ Roses Song To Play Live

Guns N’ Roses remains one of the biggest hard rock bands with their timeless hits that stand the test of time. Throughout their career in the music industry, the band has sold millions of records worldwide and released chart-topping works of art. In 1987, Guns N’ Roses released their debut album, ‘Appetite For Destruction.’ The album was hugely successful upon its release and peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 charts.

Even if there is controversy or conflict over some records, most musicians are proud of the success they have achieved throughout their careers and the albums they have released over the years. While they admire all of their work, it’s no surprise that they sometimes have their favorites, even if their fans might disagree with them. However, in this case, Slash‘s favorite song matches their fanbase.

Guns N’ Roses Song That Slash Loves Performing

Guns N’ Roses released their debut studio album ‘Appetite for Destruction’ on July 21, 1987. It became a best-selling record with its skillfully constructed sounds and lyrics. In addition, the album’s worldwide success produced the band’s most well-known songs, ‘Welcome to the Jungle,’ ‘Paradise City,’ and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ which were fans’ favorite songs to hear live.

Especially ‘Paradise City’ became a favorite of not only the fans but also the legendary guitarist Slash’s choice to play live for the fans. Since Guns N’ Roses had produced many songs over the years, when Slash was asked his favorite song to play live, he stated that it was difficult to choose a favorite in a Q&A session. Still, he referred to ‘Paradise City’ for its beat and energy, especially for live performances.

Slash’s response to a question in a Q&A session:

“That’s a tough one, it can be any number of songs in a given night that you feel excited about playing, but I think that ‘Paradise City’ has always been my favorite rock and roll song just to bust out live. It just works every time, and it’s got the right tempo and the right energy. It’s always been a favorite of mine.”

Furthermore, the song ‘Paradise City’ was written on the back of a rented van while returning from a concert in San Francisco with the Rock N Riders. Slash also said that the band was in the back of the van, drinking and playing acoustic guitar when they made the intro.

You can listen to the song below.