Mike Shinoda Explains How He Decided To Collaborate With Kid Brunswick

Mike Shinoda spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang! Magazine and talked about his collaboration with Kid Brunswick.

Kid Brunswick is a young and new artist that has been in the music industry for the last two years. He released his most recent song, ‘The Feel,’ on July 8, which is produced by Mike Shinoda. In addition to that, Mike also worked with him on ‘Skin.’

In the conversation, Mike revealed the time he decided to collaborate with Kid Brunswick and pointed out that his ‘Bipolar Rhapsody’ song was great for a new and upcoming artist as it encouraged the creation of this incredible connection between the song and its listener.

Therefore, he wanted to see the new music he has been working on. While saying that ‘Bipolar Rhapsody’ is the song that made him collaborate with Kid Brunswick, he also unveiled the advice he gave to the young musician.

As Mike said, upon checking out the new record he was working on, he advised Kid Brunswick to take a step back and look at the bigger picture on a couple of things. Besides that, Mike also shared his experiences as an artist in general, both of which really helped Brunswick.

Mike Shinoda spoke about working with Kid Brunswick during a recent conversation:

I thought ‘Bipolar Rhapsody’ was spectacular, especially for a ​’new’ artist. I immediately connected with it and wanted to see what else he was working on. My main input with regards to the record was asking him to take a step back and look at the bigger picture on a couple of things, and those suggestions seemed well-received. A lot of it was just sharing my experiences as an artist in general.

I worked on a couple of songs on ‘XFOREVER’ called ‘The Feel’ and ‘Skin,’ both of which are great, and we’ve spoken about doing more in the future. Blending genres like this isn’t a new thing, but what changes – and gives definition to who people like Kid Brunswick are as artists – is choosing what things to blend, in what amounts, and figuring out what original ideas you can bring to the party.”

Later in the conversation, Kid Brunswick also shared his experience of working with Mike Shinoda and what he learned from him.