Mike Rutherford Admits There Was ‘Sadness’ During Genesis’ Final Tour

In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Mike Rutherford, a longstanding member of the influential rock band Genesis, shared his thoughts about the band’s final tour. He gave details of his reflections, focusing on the challenges faced during the tour, most notably the declining health of his bandmate Phil Collins.

Collins, the iconic drummer, and singer for Genesis, has been battling health issues for over a decade. A spinal injury in 2007 resulted in nerve damage, progressively taking a toll on his mobility. Despite these struggles, Collins continued performing until the very end, in a final performance in 2022 at a sold-out show at London’s O2.

For this farewell gig, Collins used a wheelchair and even stated that he could barely hold a drumstick. Rutherford spoke of the difficulty of witnessing his friend and bandmate’s health decline but found solace in knowing that Collins was comfortable in his retirement.

Mike Rutherford’s words about the final Genesis tour read:

“I tend to forget how much the music means to people’s lives. For instance, we did a couple of shows in America in a city we hadn’t played in thirty years and sold out both nights. It proves what a lovely reach Genesis had. There was some sadness, but I thoroughly enjoyed our last tour. It’s always a joy to be onstage with Phil and Tony.”

Rutherford’s reflections on the tour painted a picture of a time that was a mix of bittersweet emotions. The challenges around Collins’ health brought a lot of sadness. Yet, there was also a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from the joy of performing together and the realization of the band’s profound impact on their fans. While it marked the end of an era for Genesis, it was a fitting farewell for the band that touched the lives of many across the globe.