Mike Portnoy Recalls Finally Meeting Alex Van Halen

Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy just posted a photo of himself, shining bright with a big smile, standing beside a grinning Alex Van Halen on his official Twitter account. Isn’t that something we’re all lucky to have? Along with the photo, the musician also shared their meeting story, which Wolfgang Van Halen had a hand in.

“To follow up my last birthday post for King Edward,” Portnoy wrote before sharing his words for Alex Van Halen. “Here’s one with his brother…the great Alex Van Halen! Like my photo with EVH, this was taken in Alex’s dressing room in August 2015 when Wolf was gracious enough to bring me back to meet and spend some time with his uncle.”

As Mike Portnoy flipped through his phone, he came across another gem. This one showed him sitting proudly at the drum kit of none other than Alex Van Halen. It was the ultimate dream for any drummer – to sit on the throne of a rock and roll legend and play those iconic beats. And for Mike, that dream had become a reality. The look of pure joy and happiness on his face in the photo said it all.

Portnoy had previously listed Alex Van Halen as one of the ten drummers who changed his life. In his drumming style, it is possible to see the traces of Van Halen, for example, to hear some influences of Van Halen’s innovative use of double bass drumming. 2015 was a lucky year for him as he both met his drum hero and sat at the drums, which changed his life. So, the pure joy on his face is real!