Mike Mills Says There Was Nothing Left To Do In R.E.M.


In a recent interview with V.W. Music, Mike Mills shared his thoughts about walking away from his former band R.E.M., after more than thirty years of playing together.

Some would say R.E.M. decided to disband while enjoying their prime success and popularity in 2011, but the band members believed that all good things must come to an end. The band released fifteen studio albums, most of which hit the charts, and fans have that giant catalog of incredible songs to reminisce and remember them by.

Even though fans expected them to reunite after some years, the band only came together for certain special events and projects. Otherwise, it has been 11 years, and the band has no plans to get back together for old times’ sake in the future. In a recent conversation, Mike Mills stated that the band decided to leave R.E.M. because they had already accomplished everything they had set out to do.

There wasn’t anything they hadn’t tried or done before. When people ask him whether he misses those days with the band, Mills says he doesn’t long for his band days at all because he feels like it was the right time to make a change. Everyone in the band is now at peace with their decision because it was the right time for them to make a difficult call, but thankfully everything worked out.

Mike Mills’ words about walking away from R.E.M.:

“No, we did not leave anything on the table. That’s one reason we were able to walk away from it; we had accomplished everything we could think of to accomplish. There was nothing left to do that we hadn’t already done at least once.

People ask if I miss it, and I always say, ‘Not really,’ because it was time to walk away. If I had felt that it wasn’t time and we had things to do, I would miss it more. But we’re all at peace because we made the right decision at the right time. And that’s a rare and lucky thing.”

Mills has been keeping busy making new songs for his new ‘Baseball Project,’ for which he and a couple of friends came together to make music about the sport they loved. Besides ‘Baseball Project,’ he is dipping his toes to symphonic music with ‘R.E.M. Explored.’ His mission is to challenge himself to see whether R.E.M.’s music can achieve the same feeling as classical music.