Midge Ure Recalls Phil Lynott’s Fake Tantrum To Save A Thin Lizzy Show


Ultravox frontman Midge Ure recalled an unforgettable memory from his performances with the famous rock band Thin Lizzy in his latest interview with Louder Sound. Ure revealed that the band’s lead vocalist Phil Lynott reacted to a crisis in an unconventional way to solve it.

Ure became famous for his projects with several bands such as Slik, Rich Kids, Visage, and Thin Lizzy with his guitar playing, singing, songwriting, and keyboard skills. However, his most popular gig was touring with Thin Lizzy following an unexpected departure. After their guitarist Gary Moore parted ways with the band in the middle of Thin Lizzy’s ongoing US tour, they needed to find a new guitar player.

There was a musician in Lynott’s mind with whom he had collaborated to write lyrics of ‘Get Out of Here’ from their ninth studio album ‘Black Rose: A Rock Legend.’ So, the singer hired Ure as their guitarist and completed the remaining dates with him in 1979. Then, he teamed up with the band for guitar parts on ‘Things Ain’t Working Out’ and ‘Dublin.’ However, Ure left Thin Lizzy shortly after to return to Ultravox.

In his recent conversation, Ure recalled some moments from their touring times. While doing a soundcheck before a show in Japan, the band’s promoter approached the band to give them some bad news. He said there was only one lighting truss instead of two because there were a lot of tours at the time.

Suddenly Lynott got so angry that he said he wouldn’t perform under those circumstances and would go to the airport. The guitarist was surprised by this attitude, but then he discovered that those were just the Thin Lizzy singer’s fake tantrums to save the show.

Ure said in his interview that:

“I remember turning up for one soundcheck, and the promoter told Phil that there was only one lighting truss instead of two. The promoter was all apologies, but he said that because there were a lot of tours out at the time, there were no other trusses in Japan. Phil just exploded, completely lost it.

He stormed out and said, ‘I’m off; I’m going to the airport.’ I was quite taken aback because he was always a softly-spoken guy, so when I got in the car with him, I said, ‘Phil, are you alright?’ He turned around, smiled, and said, ‘That truss will be there in an hour.’ It was. I remember thinking, ‘He’s got it sussed; he knows what he’s doing.’ That mock tantrum got us what we wanted.

You can listen to ‘Get Out of Here’ below.