Mick Mars Makes A Rare Social Media Appearance To Show How Much He Enjoys Winter

Mötley Crüe lead guitarist Mick Mars, surprisingly, shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing two pictures of himself while he was enjoying the snow both day and night, amazing his fans by actually sharing a post on one of his social media accounts.

As many of you noticed, Mick Mars is not the most active member of Mötley Crüe when it comes to sharing posts on his social media accounts, furthermore, it’s fair to say Mars is not an active social media user at all. Despite the fact that he has over 300k followers on his official Instagram page, he only has a total of 13 posts.

Mick Mars only shared a few pictures of himself, all of which are black and white, and pictures in addition to a video of Mötley Crüe over the time, along with a recent post in which Mick Mars joined the viral trend online where you are supposed to photoshop yourself next to the senator Bernie Sanders‘ fun image during the inauguration ceremony this year.

Recently, Mick Mars surprised his fans by sharing a post on his official Instagram page, revealing two beautiful pictures of himself while it was showing outside. Mars was generous with his post as he shared a picture from the morning and the night in addition to not sharing black&white pictures.

Here is what Mars said:

“Stay warm 👽🥶”

You can click here to see the Instagram post.