Mick Jagger’s Ex-Wife Jerry Hall Recalls Andy Warhol’s Advice To Leave Her Husband


The Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Jerry Hall recently spoke to The Times and reflected on her relationship with Andy Warhol. Hall stated that Warhol once told her to leave Mick Jagger and find a richer man.

When Jagger and Jerry Hall met around 1976, Mick was married and Hall also had a fiancé. Later on, both separated and began dating each other. The couple had an unofficial marriage ceremony in Bali, Indonesia in 1990. Jerry Hall broke up with Mick Jagger when she learned that he had an affair with a Brazilian model.

The couple has four children together from their 22 years of relationship. After their separation, Jerry Hall began dating a very well-known public figure Rupert Murdoch in 2015 and they got married one year later. During the conversation in The Times, Hall remembered the advice she received from Andy Warhol during her marriage with Mick Jagger.

Andy Warhol and Jerry Hall were known to be good friends. Hall referred to her relationship with Warhol and said that they really liked spending time together. Then, Jerry recalled Warhol’s advice to leave Mick Jagger and marry a richer man. It looks like Warhol thought that Jagger wasn’t good enough for Hall.

Here is how Jerry Hall recalled Warhol’s advice to her:

“I first met Andy Warhol in Paris in 1973. We were introduced by Antonio Lopez, the fashion illustrator. We went to the Metro and did passport photos in a booth. We went to the nightclub Le Sept and had dinner and danced in the disco downstairs after. We went to flea markets in Paris and a year later in NY.

We both collected Fiestaware, bright-colored china that had lovely shapes. And we both loved jewelry. Andy did six portraits of me. He took millions of photos of me, a handful of which are in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and tape-recorded our conversations. He loved my Southern accent. He always told me to leave Mick Jagger and marry some rich guy.”

It seems that Jerry Hall took his advice seriously as she married a billionaire later on. Although Mick Jagger was at the height of his career with The Rolling Stones when they were married, Andy Warhol might have thought that she could do better.