Mick Jagger Thought Jeff Beck Wasn’t Enough For Rolling Stones Hits

In a recent chat with Backstage Pass Rock-News, drummer Simon Phillips shared some insights into his experiences working with Jeff Beck and Mick Jagger in the 1980s. He highlighted the guitarist and the singer’s initial plans to form a band after the tour in those years.

The plans were canceled in the end because Jagger wanted the band to have two guitarists in the lineup. Talking about the Rolling Stones frontman’s solo tour in Japan, Phillips revealed:

“I think Mick, with his first visit to Japan, in order to keep the audience, had to play Rolling Stones material. And I think it was kind of more of a long-range plan to try to get over the problems of being banned from coming into Japan to bringing the Stones to Japan. So, it didn’t quite work out. Mick wanted two guitar players, and Jeff didn’t want to play with another guitar player.”

He also gave his thoughts on Jagger’s wishes:

“It was fascinating, the rehearsals, actually. At that time, I couldn’t really understand why. ‘You’ve got Jeff; you don’t need another guitar player. Why are we doing all these Stones songs? You’ve got great material.’ But now, much later, I think I understand a lot more. So, Jeff just eventually bailed. He said, ‘No, I’m not doing this.’”

Beck Could Have Been A Rolling Stone

The tour in question saw Beck, Phillips, and Doug Wimbish playing alongside Jagger across 20 dates in 1988. The trek covered Japan, Australia, and New Zealand and was tied to the promotion of the vocalist’s second solo album, ‘Primitive Cool,’ to which all three artists contributed.

Beck previously also had the chance to play with Mick Jagger by joining The Rolling Stones in 1974 after Mick Taylor left. He recalled spending two days in the studio, waiting for an audition with the band, in an interview with Classic Rock:

“Eventually, we got into the same room together, and I started playing Bill Wyman’s bass so hard the dust was flying off. I wandered off, and the engineer, Glyn Johns, said, ‘That’s incredible!’ I said: ‘One for the archives, mate. I’m leaving tomorrow.’”

Check out Simon Phillips’ interview about his time with Jagger and Beck in the video below.