The Advice Joe Walsh Gave Sammy Hagar About Staying Sober

Joe Walsh discovered that the greatest passion of his life was music when he was ten years old, shortly after getting his first guitar, and he wanted to learn to play The Ventures’ ‘Walk Don’t Run.’ He realized that he should pursue a professional career as a musician while working on playing songs. Therefore, Walsh joined and played for many bands such as The Nomads and The Measles before becoming a worldwide known musician with his career in The Eagles.

For Joe Walsh, performing in front of many people at a very young age was very hard, even though it was many people’s dream. However, making music was the only thing he wanted, so he had to keep doing it without letting his fear and anxiety stop him. During these times, neither parents nor the other people were not as informed about psychological problems or kids with special needs, so Walsh found a way to cope with his problems.

What Did Joe Walsh Tell Sammy Hagar About Overcoming His Addiction?

It was only years later that The Eagles icon Joe Walsh found out he was suffering from attention-deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Asperger’s syndrome. He had always felt a misfit while trying to spend time with the other kids around him. In one of his previous conversations, Walsh described his childhood as lonely and full of fears because of his different characteristics, which led to severe substance addiction.

Unfortunately, Walsh found out that drinking alcohol made him calmer and more self-confident, especially before performing concerts for many people. He was able to play guitar without feeling scared with the help of having a few beers. Later, The Eagles singer and guitarist became more and more addicted to alcohol, and then he started using drugs. His ‘higher power’ was a combination of the extreme usage of vodka and cocaine.

Here’s what Walsh said:

“There was no awareness of what that was. You were just difficult. I was difficult. I was different that way from the other kids, and because of that, I was terrified. I was truly terrified because I felt stupid and alone and that nobody understood. In my late teenage years, I tried to play guitar in front of some people, and I couldn’t do it. I was so scared. I could not do it. I hyperventilated. I started shaking. I started crying. That planted the seed. I thought alcohol was a winner. My higher power became vodka and cocaine.

Within time, Joe Walsh understood that he had hit rock bottom and destroyed his career and relationships with the people he loved. He decided to get help and recover from his addiction. He started to join Anonymous Alcoholics meetings, and then he wanted to raise more awareness about alcohol and drug addictions. Walsh and his wife joined forces with nonprofit Facing Addiction with NCADD and were honored thanks to their contributions to the recovery movement.

Moreover, Walsh collaborated with former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar to share his own experiences and advice about it as a part of a short interview. The legendary musician highlighted that people had to face many problems in their lives because of alcohol and drugs, so they should realize this situation and overcome them. According to Walsh, they needed to ask for help from foundations, doctors, and other authorities to eventually lead a healthy and good life away from drugs and alcohol.

Walsh shared his ideas, saying:

“If you have problems in your life that are directly the result of alcohol or whatever substance you are doing, you have a problem, and at some point, you work for it. It doesn’t work for you anymore and very subtly without you noticing, whatever you’re on will convince you that you can’t do anything without it.

Then, it’s got you, and I chased it for 30 years. It wasn’t working for me, and I thought obviously I’m not drinking nearly enough, and that wasn’t it. I needed help, and the hardest thing to do, the phone can weigh 30 pounds. Pick up that phone and ask for help because there’s life after addiction, and it’s good.”

You can watch the video below.