Mick Jagger Admits He Once Thought His Rolling Stones Career Was Over


In the first episode of the BBC documentary series ‘My Life as a Rolling Stone,’ the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger revealed that he thought his career with the band was almost over after being arrested due to drugs.

It is tough to find a band with no history of drugs, especially in the rock and roll scene. When the Rolling Stones reached the height of their fame during the mid-’60s, drug-related problems also started to take over the band members. Their heavy drug use even got them into big trouble several times. Due to their enormous popularity, the press also followed all their actions step by step.

It was back in 1967 that the two Rolling Stones members, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, were arrested at Richards’ home in West Sussex, England, for drug possession. They were partying after a Stones recording session when the officers came in to pick them up.

Jagger was charged with possessing various drugs, while Richards was guilty of allowing his house to be used for these sorts of things. Jagger faced three months in prison and Richards a whole year, yet these harsh potential sentences caused a severe backlash, leading them to get out after a day behind bars.

Referring to this incident, Mick Jagger admitted somewhere in the documentary that he thought his career with the Stones was over back then. He couldn’t know what to do when he first got arrested. There was a possibility of being sentenced to five years, so the rocker assumed all his career had ended. The emphasis was on their drug addiction problems rather than their musical skills and achievements, severely damaging their career and reputation.

Mick Jagger speaking on how the 1967 arrest affected his career:

“There were a lot of drugs. When you’re on acid, being busted, it’s very odd. My first reaction was, ‘Oh my god, what am I going to do?’ you know, and, ‘What does my mum think?’ They said I could go to prison for five years. You’ve now been derailed from your amazing life as a pop singer. It takes the emphasis off your career and achievements. It makes you a drug addict rather than a talented group of musicians.”

Keith Richards also added after Jagger that this incident enhanced his feeling of contempt for the police. He believed at the time that the police were always messing with him. So the incident caused him to consolidate his lack of trust in the authorities.