Mick Jagger Addresses His Visit To A Local Bar Where No One Recognized Him


The iconic Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger gave an interview to American Songwriter in which he discussed the time he went unnoticed in a local bar.

Before Rolling Stones, one of the most known bands worldwide, was scheduled to perform in Charlotte, North Carolina for their No Filter Tour, Jagger decided to go to a local bar, The Beaver Saloon. However, something quite interesting happened there.

Although Mick Jagger is usually instantly recognizable due to his distinctive features, no one realized it was him, and they continued to mind their own business. Jagger then took a photo of himself and posted it on social media. Later on, it turned out that the people in the background actually had tickets for the Stones’ show.

In a recent interview with American Songwriter, the iconic frontman recalled this incident. He said no one recognized him because there was hardly anyone there, and it was dark. Mick added that he was standing far away from people as he couldn’t get into the bar.

Following that, Mick Jagger said he heard it was a popular bar from the local people, but he couldn’t go in to spend some time in the bar due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As it seems, Jagger thinks people didn’t notice him because they were unaware of his presence, and it wasn’t a busy hour.

On the incident at The Beaver Saloon, Mick Jagger told American Songwriter the following:

“There’s hardly anyone there. It’s dark. It’s not really grand. I’m not in a big, huge limo. I just walk the block and then just go down there.

And I can’t go inside the room because the COVID rules of the tour don’t allow me to go to a salon. That’s a promise we made. But I could stand on the patio outside the saloon. And I’m far away from the people.

Local people tell me that that’s a popular dive bar when I get there. In normal times, I would go into the bar and spend time there. But, you know, I didn’t want to do that because of COVID. So I just went outside.

And at other times, you do the typical tourist thing like St. Louis Arch. If you go there at certain times of the day, there are not so many people. Then you take the mask off and do the picture.

Mick Jagger is one of the most successful and famous frontmen in rock music history with his appealing looks, energetic persona, and his ‘moves like Jagger.’ Despite being 78 years old, Jagger continues to rock the stage with the Rolling Stones.