Mick Fleetwood Becomes The Executive Producer Of An Upcoming TV Series

It was reported that Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood will serve as an executive producer and advisor of the musical part in the upcoming Fox drama entitled ’13 Songs,’ which will reflect a touching story. Fleetwood’s new role in the media industry drew great attention from his fans.

Along with his successful career as a professional musician, Fleetwood has a great interest in the media industry and was featured in many series and movies such as ‘The Running Man,’ ‘Zero Tolerance,’ ‘Snide and Prejudice,’ ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ and ‘Wiseguy.’ The drummer’s skills as an actor were highly appreciated and his fans approved his interest.

According to recent news, Fleetwood joined a new Fox project named ’13 Songs,’ which is a music drama that will tell the story of a rock and roll legend Jasper Jones. Jones reunites with his band, The Grift, to create one final 13-song album to say goodbye to their fans. The main reason behind making a final album is Jones’ terminal cancer diagnosis and his wish to work until his last breath.

’13 Songs’ was written by Will Reiser and Jonathan Prince, directed by ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ and ’50/50′ director Jonathan Levine. In addition to Mick Fleetwood, Thruline Entertainment’s Willie Mercer and Ron West, Gillian Bohrer for Levine’s Megamix, and Polygram Entertainment’s David Blackman became the upcoming drama’s executive producers but the cast or release date hasn’t been revealed yet.