Foreigner’s Kelly Hansen Urges Rock Fans To Protest Some Bands

Foreigner frontman Kelly Hansen recently addressed the bands that rely on backing tracks for live performances. During the most recent show on the band’s final tour, Hansen slammed bands for not giving ‘a real performance.’ Right before performing their hit, ‘Hot Blooded,’ the frontman told the crowd:

“I want you to understand something from an artistic point of view — and I don’t think that many people talk about this — but we all know that there are bands out there that are traveling, playing, taking your money, and not giving you a real live performance. No matter what you say about me or about us, we’re fucking real deal.”

The rocker said fans deserve to listen to the bands live and continued:

“And it’s hard to sing this beautiful catalog of songs when you’re 30. I’m 62. And what we decided was that we are gonna give you our best and leave you at our best, every single show to the very end, because these songs deserve it, and you deserve it.”

He then tried to urge the fans to slam and protest the bands who rely on backing tracks:

“Anything less is someone saying, ‘Fuck you for supporting me for decades.’ So any time you see anyone out there who’s doing that, tell them to go fuck themselves. Listen, if you ain’t got it anymore, you ain’t got it, all right? Just deal with it and move on.”

A fan also commented on this last year while comparing Foreigner to other bands such as Mötley Crüe and Kiss. The fan stated that Hansen is a fantastic singer and that he sings and performs like he is in his late 30s.

Foreigner is now on their farewell tour with Loverboy, which is planned to end through the end of 2024. See the dates here and the video down below.