Michael Schenker Says He Doesn’t Want To Re-Experience Discomfort With Scorpions And UFO

In an interview with Audio Ink Radio, former guitarist of Scorpions and UFO, Michael Schenker, looked back to his time with both of the iconic rock bands, however, he revealed that he has no interest in playing with either of them anymore.

As you may remember, back in 1965 the famous German guitarist Michael Schenker co-founded the famous rock band Scorpions with his elder brother Rudolf Schenker. When the band went on a tour in Germany after the release of their first album, Michael was offered to be the lead guitarist of UFO.

Following a successful career with UFO, Schenker left the band soon after their show in Palo Alto, California in 1978. Later that year, Michael briefly returned to the Scorpions while the band was working on their sixth studio album named ‘Lovedrive.’ Almost a year later, the guitarist started his solo career and formed his own band, Michael Schenker Group.

Recently, Michael Schenker joined an interview to talk about whether he has ever thought about playing with his former bands, Scorpions or UFO. Michael stated that he actually thinks it’s all done with both of the bands and added that he doesn’t like to ‘open another can of worms.’ The iconic guitarist also revealed that he actually gave the %50 of the UFO name to Phil Mogg for free.

Furthermore, Schenker mentioned that he doesn’t want to re-experience the discomfort he had since all of them should be happy with what they have at the moment. Referring to the possibility of getting back together, Michael stated that it would be something that only creates turbulence for him.

Here is what Michael Schenker stated about joining back UFO or Scorpions:

“No. I think it’s all done. I don’t wanna open another can of worms. Phil is happy having the name UFO back, which I owned 50 percent. I gave it back to him for free. The Scorpions have the Scorpions, and Michael Schenker has Michael Schenker.

I think we are all happy; we are all doing our thing. And there’s no need to get back into being controlled like it used to be in the past.

Schenker also added:

“Eventually, it all trickles down. There was always a little bit of a possibility as time went on, but eventually, I really don’t wanna open the can of worms and re-experience discomfort. We all do our thing, and we should just be happy with what we have. Getting back together, it would just create turbulence for me.”

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