Eddie Van Halen’s Concern About VH’s Reunion Before His Death

Former Van Halen vocalist Gary Cherone recently spoke to SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk. The musician reminisced his days with the band, and the time they considered reuniting for a tour.

The singer argued that Eddie Van Halen had doubts about getting together with David Lee Roth for a Van Halen reunion. However, his concerns weren’t about Diamond Dave; they were rather about himself.

How Did Gary Cherone’s Tenure Start?

In 1985, Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen as David Lee Roth’s replacement after the singer decided to focus on his solo music career. During the Hagar era, Van Halen achieved remarkable commercial success and released chart-topping music efforts. However, Hagar decided to leave after personal and creative issues with the band, especially Eddie Van Halen.

After the Red Rocker’s departure, Van Halen began working with Diamond Dave for a compilation album. When they appeared at the 1996 MTV VMAs, fans began to speculate whether they would reunite with Roth. However, Van Halen didn’t continue with the frontman and recruited Gary Cherone as their lead singer.

What Did Eddie Van Halen Say About A Reunion?

Before Eddie’s tragic passing and Van Halen’s decision to disband, the group was planning to hit the road for a tour named Kitchen Sink Tour. Although it never took place, the tour was supposed to feature Hagar and Roth on the same stage together. This duo would have been highly controversial, considering the feud between Hagar and Roth.

Speaking to Eddie Trunk, Gary Cherone recalled that Eddie Van Halen wanted the Kitchen Sink Tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a reunion with Roth. According to Cherone, he told Eddie he could help if things don’t work out with Roth, but Eddie told him ‘one never knows.’ Although the singer thought this was about him and Roth, he later realized that Eddie was referencing his disease.

As reported by Blabbermouth, Gary Cherone told Eddie Trunk the following:

“It was mostly us talking as friends. But there were a couple of conversations. Little did I know until it was confirmed by Eddie’s son Wolfie after Eddie passed. I remember hanging out with Eddie, and he was talking about the proposed ‘Kitchen Sink’ tour, not in those terms. It was around their 40th anniversary, and they were talking about getting together to do something, I think, with Dave Lee Roth.

So the conversation I had with him was that I said, ‘Yeah, when you do that, Ed.’ It wasn’t the kitchen sink thing. When they were talking about doing something again with those guys, I remember saying to him, ‘Hey, if it doesn’t work out, I know a singer for cheap.’ And he laughed. And he looked at me, and at the time, he goes, ‘You never know.’ And I remember thinking, ‘That was odd.’ I just remembered him saying that, and then when Wolfie said it after he passed, I go, ‘That was his reference.'”

So, Gary Cherone thought Eddie had concerns in his mind about reuniting with him or Roth. However, he later realized that Eddie knew about the seriousness of his health condition, which was troubling his head.