Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Tells Off Fan Mocking Him For Losing Rock And Roll Spirit

Liam Gallagher recently shared an audio clip on Twitter, telling all about a person who had the naivety to approach and jokingly mock him for losing his rock and roll spirit… Well, if you know anything about Liam, you can imagine how that went down, as the rocker didn’t necessarily hold back.

Gallagher recently had a double hip replacement surgery, finally giving in to doctors’ pleas, although it was reported that he would rather be in a wheelchair and suffer rather than have the operation… (his words, not ours). So, as the singer is currently on the path to full recovery, he needs to use crutches while walking and standing for support.

So when, at a recent wedding reception, someone, who saw Liam standing with his crutches, had the bright idea to approach him and jokingly call him out for not being ‘very rock and roll.’ The former Oasis singer then decided it was a good time to show them the gems he still had in him, telling them off in the most Gallagher fashion possible… by threatening them of a good old beat-down session.

The rocker recalling how someone called them out for not rocking anymore:

“So I’m at a wedding on my crutches, and someone says, ‘That’s not very rock and roll, is it?’ and I said, ‘It f*cking is if I whack you round the f*cking head with it.’ Still got it.”

So, before mocking a Gallagher for not rocking anymore, it’s clear that one must think it through since there’s the slight possibility that Liam might hit you in the head with his crutches. At least, now we know that the fifty-year-old rocker still has all the rock and roll spirit and is ready to call anyone out declaring otherwise.