Michael Monroe Addresses Axl Rose’s Vocal Issues

Hanoi Rocks was never a band that would give in to setbacks. However, there is not much a band can do about a postponed show, which was the case when they were opening for Guns N’ Roses. The act’s frontman Michael Monroe recalled the time they couldn’t perform while speaking to the Trunk Nation podcast and disclosed why Axl Rose had to cancel a GN’R show.

“We didn’t play the first night, but the second night, everything went well,” recalled the singer. “The door opened on time, and we did play. We rocked harder to make up for the night before. It was a great show. It was good to work with those guys. It would be great to tour with Guns N’ Roses. I’d love to go on a tour with them, a world tour, for a year or two. I’m here, man. But it’s up to them; they know where to find me.”

Coming back to Guns N’ Roses’ show, Monroe disclosed, “The first night, they were a little late, but I thought it was really good. People said that Axl had problems with his voice, but I thought he sounded fantastic. The second night when we played, the next day they were supposed to play in Glasgow, but that show was canceled because of Axl’s voice problems. He probably had some problems with his voice. I thought he sounded great, really cool.”

Monroe revealed that Hanoi Rocks’ performance on the first night was canceled because they opened the venue’s door late, and their fans couldn’t get to see them. The band couldn’t take the stage before GN’R since the audience was late to the show. However, they performed on the second night and had a good time.

Even though Axl Rose had problems with his voice and had to cancel a GN’R performance the day after Michael Monroe had seen them live, he still praised him and the band. Noting that Axl sounded great even when he believed that he wasn’t performing well, the Hanoi Rocks icon made it apparent that his admiration for the vocalist continues and that he would love to tour with Guns N’ Roses.