Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Debuts A New Song About Her Death

Michael Jackson’s musician daughter Paris Jackson shared a video on her Instagram in which she was performing a brand new song named ‘Yellow Bird.’ According to the singer, the new track is a love song, but it’s also about her death.

As some of you might know, the ‘Wilted’ singer previously opened up about her struggles with depression and mental health issues during several interviews. Since the young daughter of King of Pop attempted suicide numerous times, her family sent her to a therapeutic school in Utah to prevent her from harming herself. It was later revealed that Paris Jackson was abused at the school both physically and emotionally. The incident hurt Jackson even more, and it made things worse with her mental state.

Paris Jackson opened up about those hard times during an interview a couple of months ago. In the interview, she stated that she tried to end her life multiple times, and not succeeding made her treat herself even worse. Obviously, not getting the help she needed back then put Paris Jackson in a dark place for years. Fortunately for her fans, family, and friends, the singer is in a much better place now as she’s getting help and making music to express her emotions.

Recently, Paris Jackson shared a video on her official Instagram page in which she performs a brand new song called ‘Yellow Bird’ at the Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles. Before debuting the song, Jackson said she always talks about how broken her heart is whenever she’s writing a love song. She then stated that she felt the need to mention she’s going to die at some point.

Apparently, ‘Yellow Bird’ is one of those love songs Jackson wrote about heartbreak. Nevertheless, she didn’t forget to mention her death in the lyrics. As it was the first time she performed the song, the acoustic sound made things much more emotional. Moreover, it appeared to be a special moment for Paris since she managed to joke about the struggles she has been through.

Before the performance, Paris said:

“Usually when I’m writing a love song, I talk about how fucked up my heart is. I talk about how much I care about someone. I have to mention how I’m gonna die at some point. This is a love song and it’s also about me dying. I hope you enjoy it, it’s called ‘Yellow Bird.'”

You can watch the performance below.